Rector's Note

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Dear student,

I am extremely happy to welcome you to the James Lind Institute and our programs of studies.

Our Institution, based on a long tradition and excellence, is offering an astonishing variety of Master and specialized courses.

It is commonly accepted today that the education landscape is changing and there are more types of learning than ever before: conventional, part-time, full-time, distance, and online. Simultaneously, the global developments and the contemporary international setting dictate more than ever the reorientation of the existing educational structures and the creation of new ones, in order to respond to the new challenges that countries and students are facing.

It is expected that the future of education will eliminate the classroom, the borders between countries, and all the stereotypes for acquiring knowledge. Technology can turn our entire lives into learning experiences.

The rapid explosion of the information age introduced to education methodology a series of tools and instruments that changed learning forever such as educational platforms, video lessons, social networking, cloud computing, smart objects, mobile learning, educational gaming, etc. Additionally, the growth of students accessing their course materials from mobile devices is increasing on a daily basis. Following these references, demand for online courses and greater access to knowledge has been increased so rapidly that we observed new developments and initiatives on a constant growth rate. The online classes are also being promoted as a way to bolster the quality and productivity of teaching in general—for students on campus as well as off.

In this framework, our new global environment requires modern, innovative, and customized solutions in education, where the student is in the center of the learning process. Following this reference, our didactic model focuses on the following learning dynamics:

  • Use of new technologies in higher education
  • Need for continuing education and life-long learning
  • Active participation of students and self-learning process

Since, in our model, the individual student becomes the center of this new educational norm, everything focuses on him or her as the didactic process is been build around his / her academic and professional aspirations. This context includes the following features: the learning ecosystem, world view, information reflective thinking, the work environment, social interactions, technology, and experiences.

Apart from the obvious benefits, James Lind Institute graduates will also be able to:

  • Recognize and achieve goals and ambitions, especially in response to global challenges;
  • Enhance their knowledge with a global perspective;
  • Recognize that they belong to an international community and use this understanding effectively to understand multiculturalism;
  • Practice their skills and creativity beyond their regional environments.

James Lind Institute, by utilizing all the latest innovative development of technology and all the modern educational methodologies has managed to offer a unique learning experience to our students. Above all, we want our educational programs to lead to a better knowledge of the world around us and should assist us to better cope with its challenges.

Prof. Dr. Kyriakos Kouveliotis

Honorary Rector

24 Jan 2022